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WinGate Mail

The email system in WinGate (WinGate Mail) has been designed to provide a flexible mail delivery system for both WinGate components, and users outside of WinGate. WinGate Mail is based on a que-centric model. Any mail that is to be delivered by WinGate is placed in an email delivery queue for processing and delivery by its SMTP Delivery service. This can be mail that has been accepted for delivery from users and sources outside of WinGate itself, or the delivery of mail from components within WinGate that now have the ability to send emails when required.

This is most useful for the WinGate Send Mail event processor, which provides the capability of sending an appropriate email based around a specified event taking place somewhere within WinGate. The WinGate Policy system can also use the SMTP Delivery service to send emails as part of processing a policy based on the occurrence of an event. These email capable components provide great administrative power for when people need to be notified via email, of a particular incident or event taking place during WinGate operations.

Domain rules

The delivery of mail by the SMTP Delivery service is determined by domain rules, which can be created to handle email addressed to particular domains if required. This means that WinGate can be configured to act as a fully featured mail server, accepting and delivering mail for a particular domain(s) when needed. Alternatively, if you need special handling of email addressed to a particular domain, then you can create a rule to specify how WinGate should handle these cases.

Within each domain rule you can also configure address handlers, which can provide custom delivery settings for mail that is addressed to a particular address within the domain rule.


When WinGate is configured to host a mail domain, it can provide local mailboxes for all of its users. With suitable domain rules, the SMTP Delivery service can deliver mail received for a particular email address to a corresponding local mailbox. This allows for users to send and receive mail through WinGate just as they would when connecting to a normal mail server.

In WinGate all mailboxes are kept in a mailbox volume. This provides for easy management of mailboxes with the ability to create new alternative mailbox volumes as you require.


WinGate Mail also has the ability to collect mail from selected remote POP3 accounts, and place this mail in the email delivery queue for subsequent processing and delivery by the SMTP Delivery service. Each retrieved email can be parsed and delivered to a corresponding local WinGate mailbox, or remote destination if required.

WinGate Mail features:

  • Hosting of one or more mail domains
  • The ability to interact with an existing mail server on the network or remotely
  • Support for antivirus data scanning via the optional data scanning plugin Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate
  • Anti-spam measures such as checking with ORDB servers for known spammer and relay IP addresses
  • Attachment blocking
  • Remote Email Queue Management
  • Multiple authentication options
  • MS Outlook secure authentication
  • User quotas and restrictions
  • Comprehensive message routing
  • Secure connections (SSL/TLS)
  • Flexible delivery options
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