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WinGate like most modern computer applications is based on an event driven model. This means that almost all of its functionality has been designed to respond or react to events that occur during its operation.

For example, all of the proxy services in WinGate are designed to provide Internet services in response to the event of a client making a request. Similarly the WinGate firewall is designed to react and respond whenever the event of a remote connection occurs on one of the network interfaces. The existence and purpose of these components is driven by the occurrence of these events taking place.

Registered events

WinGate manages the different events that can occur during its operation through its Events system. On start up, all WinGate components and services will register the different types of events that could take place during their operation with the Events system. Each registered event is identified by the component that registered it, and the type of event it is. Some events are common across different services and components. In these cases the Events system provides the concept of compatible types of events.

Event processors

WinGate has several systems that are built to react and respond to any event that has been registered with the the Events system. Known as event processors, these systems provide you with the necessary tools to help you respond and manage events taking place in WinGate. The Events system provides each of the event processors with a list of all of the events that have been registered, and will notify these event processors whenever the registered event takes place. This allows you to configure how the event processor will respond to an event (if at all).

An example of an event processor is the WinGate Policy system. The Policy system allows you to create policies that will be processed whenever a selected registered event takes place.

Events panel

The Events panel provides an central location to manage all of the registered events within the WinGate Management console. You can specify which event processors should process each registered event whenever it takes place from the Events panel.

Event object

The Events system publishes an Event object which provides methods that allow you to manage and access data concerning the occurrence of an event within WinGate. The Event object is available when using any WinGate script event processing system, or when using an Event processing configuration that has access to the Symbol Browser.

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