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Windows Users and Groups Connector

WinGate allows you to utilize the users and groups from the Windows operating system running on the WinGate server, for the purpose of controlling access to the Internet and other WinGate operations. WinGate achieves this by querying the Windows user database on the machine where WinGate is installed, so it can use the structure (users and their group memberships) to control user access to its components, services and the Internet. This makes it ideal in scenarios where the WinGate server is not using the WinGate user database engine, and is not connected to an Active Directory.

The Windows user database connector is able to utilize any Windows user database from Windows 2000 onwards. WinGate does not control the user database in any way. All of the administration and management of users and groups is still performed from the relevant Windows consoles. WinGate only uses the database to implement its user authentication, object permissions, other user oriented features.

Using the Windows user database, you can set access and control to WinGate services, and components by assigning permissions based on individual users, or their membership of particular groups.

When users are required to be authenticated by WinGate, Windows users can supply their Windows credentials (user name and password) since WinGate supports use of NTLM authentication.

How to select a user database

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