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WinGate 7 introduced the Permissions system that allows you to specify access and control to the different features available in WinGate.

Permission objects

Each WinGate component will register which of its features can be controlled by permissions with the Permissions system. Referred to as permission objects, these could be for specifying access to particular dialogs within the module, or permission objects that allow you to control some of the modules functionality, such as creating new certificates, performing a task such as joining or disconnecting VPN, or controlling and editing a particular dashboard.

Permissions can be set for users or groups on each permission object depending on your access and control requirements. This means that when a user logs into the WinGate Management console, their level of access and control will be defined by the permissions that have been set on the particular feature or dialog they wish to use.

Permissions tree

The Permissions system uses a hierarchical tree to organize and manage all registered permission objects. Modules register a container (branch) in the tree, that holds all of the permission objects registered by that particular module. If a module has several distinct features, then these can create their own branches within the module parent container for easy grouping and management.

This branching allows you to set permissions on parent containers that can be made to flow on to children in their branch. The permissions tree also allows for inherited permissions from upper level parent containers to be propagated through to child permission objects automatically. All permission objects (both parents and children) allow you to manually set the permissions you require.

Permission types

The Permissions system offers familiar permission settings such as Full Control, Read, and Modify that you can set for users and groups on each permission object. Each module and component in WinGate can also include its own custom permission settings based on the particular features it offers.

Permissions panel

With a centralized Permissions panel, the Permissions system allows you to access all of the registered permission objects in the one place. Rather then having to open multiple configurations in order to set permissions, the Permissions panel displays the permission objects tree, with each module listed in the appropriate branch. Alternatively, you can set specific permissions for the component or feature in WinGate that you are currently configuring, by using the Permissions tab (if available) for that user interface or dialog.

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