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Policy system features

The Policy system is comprised of 2 modules that are loaded on the start up of WinGate:

  1. Policy engine module

    This provides all of the functionality of the Policy system to process events and create the structure of each policy.

  2. PolicyGUI module

    This module provides the graphic user interface in WinGate called the Policy editor that allows you to create and edit the flow chart structure of each policy.

Event based policies

All WinGate policies are based on responding to a selected WinGate event. As an event processor, the Policy system lets you create policies based on each of the events registered by WinGate services and components. The policy will always be processed when the selected event occurs.

Flow chart policy structure

Unlike traditional policy models that allow only you to choose from a static list of actions and options that should be carried out by a policy, all policies in WinGate are defined by creating a graphical flow chart of steps that are processed whenever the event(s) that the policy is based on takes place.

Policy editor

The policy editor is the user interface provided by the Policy system to configure the policy flow chart. It provides various policy items that you can configure to determine what the policy should actually do, when the event takes place. The Policy editor has a worksheet space where you can graphically place, arrange, and connect the policy items to create the actual flow chart for the policy. Using the policy items you can define the different paths that the evaluation can follow depending on the outcome of each policy item.

Policy panel

You can create and manage all existing policies from the Policy panel located in the Control Panel of the WinGate Management console. The Policy panel also allows you to manage which policy each registered event is currently assigned to.

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