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Policy editor

The policy editor is where you can construct and edit the content of a policy. Whenever you create or open a policy, the Policy system will launch a new policy editor, allowing you to work on more then one policy at the same time.

Each policy editor is made up of the following sections:

  1. Toolbox

    The Toolbox contains all of the tools that you can use to construct or edit the contents of a policy flowchart. These are tools are referred to as policy items.

  2. Library

    The Library tab provides a place to store and reuse policy items that you have previously configured in other policies.

  3. Statistics

    The Statistics tab provides current processing statistics for the policy flow chart.

  4. Worksheet

    The worksheet is where you configure the structure of the policy flow chart, and the actual content of the policy. You can drag and drop policy items from the toolbox on to the worksheet in order to create a flow chart of steps the policy should process when the selected event happens. Once the policy item is on the worksheet, it can be connected to other policy items using directional arrows to indicate the evaluation flow of the policy.

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