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Managing policies

The Policy system has been designed to be easily administered from within the WinGate Management console.

Policy panel

All tasks associated with the creation and management of policies can be achieved from the Policy Panel located in the Control Panel of the WinGate Management console. The Policy panel will list all of the currently configured policies and allows you to open each in its own policy editor for easy editing.

The Policy panel also provides an Events tab, where you can check what current policy events have been assigned to.

Policy performance

Each policy provides statistics on the most common processing paths that are taken in the policy flowchart. This includes statistics on the amount of times a certain policy item in is hit during policy processing. This an invaluable tool when you wish to refine the particular structure of a policy flow chart to accommodate the most effective use of its elements.

Policy troubleshooting

The Policy system also offers intuitive fault reporting in the main message bar of the WinGate Management console. When a policy encounters an error in processing, an alert is posted to the message bar alerting you to the issue and providing a link which will open the problematic policy in its own policy editor.


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