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Troubleshooting policies

The Policy system also provides error reporting when policy structure and configuration issues arise during evaluation.

Sometimes there can be an error created in the evaluation of a policy. This can occur in several circumstances:

  • A database error evaluating a SQL query from an Run SQL statement policy item.
  • A syntax error in your SQL query in an Run SQL statement policy item.
  • A script error in a Run Lua script or Run Javascript script policy item.
  • Some other error.

Whenever a problem or error is encountered during policy evaluation, the particular policy item where the error occurs will be displayed in red on the Policy editor worksheet for easy identification. A brief system message of the problem will be displayed below the item.

In addition to this, if the user's web browser or client application supports the reporting of errors, then the user will get detailed error information allowing quick identification of the problem.

In case any decision type policy item encounters an error it its processing, an error count is incremented, and the details of the error are stored against the policy item.

WinGate Management alerting

Whenever there is an issue in policy processing, WinGate will alert users to this fact by displaying a flashing red circle in the message bar at the top of the WinGate Management console.

Read more about WinGate alerts

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