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Using scheduled events

Once you have created a scheduled event, it is registered with the WinGate Events system. The new scheduled event will now appear on the Events panel located at Control Panel > Events in the WinGate Management console. The source of the new scheduled event is the Scheduler component in WinGate.

Upon registration the scheduled event becomes available for WinGate event processing systems to process. Each event processor system has a configuration allows you to set how it will act and respond to the occurrence of a selected event.

You can select and configure which event processor(s) will respond to the scheduled event you have created. In the example provided below we use the Send Mail event processor to send an admin type email when the scheduled event takes place.

(For a detailed explanation of using the Send Mail event processor please refer to the Events System help)

  1. Open the WinGate Management console.
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Events.
  3. On the Events panel, right click on the scheduled event that you want to specify processing for, and select Specify processing to open the Specify event processing dialog. In this example we have chosen the Daily scheduled event.
  4. Click the Add button to open the Add Event Processing System dialog, where all of the available event processors will be listed.
  5. Select the Send Mail event processor. This will open the Send Mail properties.
  6. Enter the required delivery details in the To, From, and Subject fields, and the appropriate message in the Message window. The Send email event processor allows you to include up to date data from WinGate by selecting the Insert symbol button . This will open the Symbol Browser, where you can select what available data you require. The selected event data will be automatically formatted into the desired position in the body of the email. This can include using predefined global strings you have configured in the WinGate Data system, for the relevant email address details etc. In this example an email is being sent to an admin address that was preconfigured as a global string value in the Data system. The actual body of the email contains the cache hit values (for the DNS and HTTP caches) that are being monitored by the Data system.
  7. Click OK to return to the Specify Event processing dialog, where the Send Mail processor will be listed.
  8. If there is more then one event processor configured to respond to the event, then you can use the arrow to define the order that the configured event processors will be actioned whenever the event takes place. When there is more then one event processor configured, the order of processing is also displayed in the Event processing pane on the Events panel.

This email will be sent daily (with updated information) at the time defined in the Daily scheduled event properties.

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