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Services panel

All services that are currently installed will be listed on the Services panel, located at Control Panel > Services in the WinGate Management console. The Services panel provides a place where you can install, manage, and remove services as required.

Default services necessary for WinGate to function are listed automatically on the Services panel. These type of services usually have very little that you can configure and cannot be removed.

Modules and components loaded in WinGate will often register services on the Services panel that are required for their operation. These also require very little configuration and are only removed if the module is uninstalled.

Installing and configuring services

WinGate components and modules can also offer services that are optional, allowing you to install these from the Services panel as you require.

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Each service will determine which of its properties (if any) can be configured. It should be noted that some services (such as the Scheduler service) do not have accessible properties. Usually these are internal system services that provide functionality to WinGate or installed modules.

You can open the properties of each configurable service by double clicking the appropriate service in the Services panel. Alternatively, with the appropriate service highlighted, you can select Properties from the Tasks menu.

Network services

WinGate offers a range of installable services that listen for, and respond to client requests from the network. These include proxy servers for WinGate users who have their Internet applications set to use a proxy server, and client management services such as DNS and DHCP.

In previous versions of WinGate these services were installed by default. From WinGate 7 onwards, these network services are optional to WinGates core operation, and so with the exception of the WWW Proxy Service, are not installed by default. The WWW Proxy Service is automatically installed to allow for the immediate handling of client HTTP requests after the initial installation of WinGate. This service however can be stopped or removed if required.

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