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Service events

When services are installed to WinGate, they will register all the events that could take place during their operation with the WinGate Events system. Like other registered events in WinGate, they are made available to the various WinGate event processing systems to respond to whenever they take place.

This means you could have the WinGate Policy system (an event processor) evaluate some data, make decisions, and perform actions (stopping a service, running a program etc.) whenever the service event happens. This is especially important when dealing with network services, since you need a way of controlling user access and activity through each service.

Having each service register its own events also helps when you have mulitple installations of the same type of network service (e.g. multiple WWW Proxy Services). Since these WWW Proxy Services will all register the same type of events, they are distinguished by the source service registering its own instance with the Events system. Having this distinction allows you to tailor the way that WinGate event processors will respond when that particular event, registered by that particular service, actually takes place.

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Accessing Service events

All events registered by WinGate services will be displayed on the Events Panel, located at Control Panel > Events in the WinGate Management console. From here you can configure which event processor(s) will respond to the particular event registered by the service.

Alternatively, you can access the events registered by a particular network service from its Events tab. This tab is located in the properties of each network service.

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