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License restriction: Timeline viewing filters are only available when using a WinGate Professional or WinGate Enterprise license.

When viewing the Timeline on the Timeline panel, you can create filters to determine what information will be displayed. You can create as many different types of viewing filters as you require. These can then be easily selected from the Timeline Navigation bar (on the Timeline) when you wish to view certain types of activity.

To create a filter:

  1. Open the WinGate Management console.
  2. Navigate to Monitoring > Timeline.
  3. On the Timeline panel, click the Filters... option on the Timeline navigation bar. This will open Select filter dialog.
  4. Click the + sign to add a new filter. This will open the Edit filter dialog.

    Each filter has a range of different tabs to filter certain information. You can configure one or more tabs, depending on the type of filter you wish to create.


    When you configure more then one tab on the filter, the settings of each tab are collectively applied. Similar to the AND concept in programming, the conditions of all tabs must be met or not met (depending on how they are configured) for the filter to be applied.

    • User and IP

      You can specify which user or IP address that generated the web activity will be displayed (or not).

    • Activity type

      This allows you to specify the type of activity that will be included (or excluded) in the Timeline view.

    • Resource

      This tab lets you specify what type of resources specified in each URL of the web activity will be displayed (not displayed) on the Timeline.

    • Metrics

      The Metrics tab allows you to hide activity items that are of a certain duration or size.

    • Category

      This allows you to have web activity that has been classified as belonging to a particular content category included in the Timeline. The Web Access Control system in WinGate can be used to classify URLs into content based categories as required.

      Read more about Web Access Control classification

  5. Once you have finished configuring the filter, click OK to return to the Select Filter dialog.

    The newly configured filter will now be listed.

  6. Click OK to add the filter to the Timeline. It will now be available for selection from the filters menu on Timeline navigation bar.
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