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Timeline - General

The General tab of the Timeline settings allows you to set various options for how the Timeline will function.


Display times as

The Timeline allows you to choose the source for the time that will be displayed on the Timeline panel.

  • UTC

    Coordinated Universal Time.

  • WinGate Server

    This will be the time on the actual WinGate server where the Timeline is operating (default).

  • WinGate Management local time

    This will be the time on the machine where you are using the WinGate Management console to connect to the WinGate Server. If this is on the same server where WinGate is installed then this will be the same as selecting the WinGate Server option.

Refresh Rate (sec)

This setting determines how often the Timeline panel display will be refreshed.

Enable activity tracking

This option will enable or disable the Timeline tracking activity in WinGate.


This option will simply disable the tracking and display of any new activity on the Timeline panel, and additions to the Activity database. All previous activity information will still be able to be viewed on the Timeline panel as this information will still be in the Database, unless it has been purged.

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