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Timeline - Database

When the Timeline system is enabled, it will record web activity to a database file for easy storage and future reference. By default, the Timeline system will create a database file called Activity using the Microsoft Jet Engine (Microsoft Access driver) in the WinGate\Packages\Timeline directory after installation. This allows the Timeline system to start recording web activity, and maintain the history of all web activity information from the moment is enabled.

The Timeline system also allows you to specify a different database to the default. This means that you can utilize a different database server to record web activity and timeline data as required.

Creating an alternative database:

  1. Select the DBMS (Database management server/system) you will use.
  2. On the DBMS, create an empty database.
  3. Name the new database with an appropriate name (e.g. wg_activity). Don’t add any tables to the database, the Timeline module will create the tables it needs when it connects to the database for the first time.
  4. On the WinGate server install the appropriate ODBC driver that it can use to connect to the DBMS.
  5. On the WinGate server set up a System DSN in the Windows ODBC configuration that will be used to connect to the DBMS . If you’re on a 64bit OS, you must use the 32 bit version of the ODBC manager (in Windows\SysWOW64). Choose the driver for the DBMS you installed in step 4. Give the DSN a name and configure it to connect to the database you created.

Setting the Timeline to use an alternative System DSN:

  1. Open the WinGate Management console.
  2. Navigate to Monitoring > Timeline.
  3. On the Timeline Panel, right click and select Settings to open up the Timeline settings configuration.
  4. Select the Database tab.
  5. To the right of the System DSN field, click on the Select button and choose the System DSN that will connect the Timeline to the correct database (As described in the Creating an alternative database section above).
  6. Click OK to exit the Timeline settings configuration.
  7. Restart the WinGate engine for the changes to be applied.

Once WinGate is restarted, the Timeline will create the tables and database structure it requires. If it has difficulty creating these tables an error log will be written which will be visible in Logging panel located at Control Panel > Logging in the WinGate Management console.


Usually when you configure a System DSN in the operating systems ODBC settings, you specify the user name and password that the DSN connection will use to access the database. Some ODBC drivers for certain database types do not actually provide a place in the DSN configuration to enter these credentials (such as MS SQL server DSN's). The Username and Password option on the Database tab lets you specify the credentials in these circumstances.

MS SQL Server requirements

If you’re connecting to MS SQL server, you will probably need to do the following:

  1. Set your MS SQL server to allow SQL server authentication as well as Windows authentication.
  2. Create a user account in the SQL server that is the owner of the database you created.
  3. Provide a username and password when configuring the System DSN on the Database tab of the Timeline Settings configuration.
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