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Web Access Control in WinGate can classify the URLs and web sites requested by users, into categories based on their content. Access rules can then be created based around a particular category on an allow or deny basis. Whenever a user requests a site or URL belonging to a particular category, then that rule may be applied.

WinGate provides two different ways of classifying URLs and web sites requested by users.

  1. Web content classification plugins

    You can install the optional PureSight for WinGate content classification plugin, which will classify each URL requested by users into a predefined content category automatically as the request happens.

  2. Manual classifier

    WinGate provides a manual classification system, where you can classify individual URLs and web sites as required. The manual classifier allows you to utilize any global data lists you have created in with the WinGate Data module, for assisting with manual classifications.

Accessing classifiers

All of the current classification systems (including the built in Manual Classifier) can be accessed from the Classifiers panel, located at Web Access Control > Classifiers in the WinGate Management console.

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