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Automatic updates

The WinGate Update system is scheduled to check and perform automatic updates for all currently installed WinGate modules (installed products) on a daily basis by default. Installed products include any optional plugins for WinGate that are currently installed (e.g. Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate).

Automatic updates are actioned by a predefined scheduled event called Check For Updates in the WinGate Scheduled Events system.

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The automatic update schedule can be adjusted as required from the Automatic Updates tab of the WinGate Update Settings. Or alternatively you can configure the actual Check For Updates scheduled event on the Scheduled Events panel, located at Control Panel > Scheduled Events in the WinGate Management console.

Automatic Update settings

You can determine how the automatic updates will be performed, by configuring the download and installation options on the Automatic Updates tab in the WinGate Update Settings. Automatic updates allow you to have WinGate:

  1. Only check for updates of installed products.
  2. Check for updates of installed products and download them (the default option).
  3. Check for, download, and perform an automated installation of updates for currently installed products.

Disabling Automatic updating

If you only wish to manually update WinGate, you can disable the WinGate Update system from performing automatic updating.

  1. Open the WinGate Management console.
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > WinGate Updates.
  3. On the Tasks menu, select Edit Settings to open the WinGate Update Settings.
  4. On the Automatic Updates tab, select the Options button in the Update schedule section to open the Check For Updates scheduled event properties.
  5. In the Trigger event section, deselect the Enabled check box. This will disable Check For Updates scheduled event completely.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.
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