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WinGate Update panel

The WinGate Update panel, located at Control Panel > WinGate Update in the WinGate Management console, provides a central place to check for, download, and perform the latest updates available for WinGate. There is also a History tab, where you can review all updates that have previously been downloaded and installed to this installation of WinGate.

Automatic updates

The WinGate Update system is scheduled to check and perform automatic updates on a daily basis by default. When automatic updates take place, WinGate will check to see if there are new updates available for its currently installed modules and components (Installed products). Then according to how it is configured, the automatic update will download the relevant updates and install them.

When the automatic update has been configured to download updates automatically, but not install them automatically, there will be an Install button on each downloaded update which allows you to perform the installation from within the WinGate Update panel.

Manual updates

When viewing the WinGate Update panel, you can manually check or perform updates from the available Tasks menu.

  • Check for updates

    Selecting this option will simply check the WinGate Update server for updates for Installed products, and advertise them as available for download on the WinGate Update panel.

  • Perform updates

    The WinGate Update system will check for updates of Installed products and download them. Once they are downloaded, the WinGate Update system will then instigate the installation of each update automatically.


    When you select the Perform updates option, all updates that have been previously downloaded but not installed will be installed as part of performing the updates.

Available products

When checking for updates (either manually or automatically) the WinGate Update system will also list the availability of optional plugins and modules from the WinGate Update service provider. These can be downloaded by clicking the Add button.

Manually downloading updates and available products from the WinGate Update panel

Whenever you click Add on an available update or product in the WinGate Update panel, it will open the Selected Updates pane where you can initiate the download of your selected items.

Once downloaded, the associated items in the WinGate Update panel will be marked with an Install button allowing you to begin their installation.

WinGate Update Settings

The Edit Settings option on Tasks menu in the WinGate Update panel, allows you to edit the WinGate Update Settings. These include configuring automatic updates (if required) and various administrative settings for the overall management of the WinGate Update system.

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