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Performing WinGate updates using a WinGate script system

License restriction: The WinGateUpdate object registered by the WinGate Update system will only be available when using a WinGate Enterprise license.

When using a WinGate script system (such as the Lua or Javascript event processors) or a WinGate configuration that has access to a Symbol browser, you can use the WinGateUpdate object published by the WinGate Update system to manage and perform WinGate updates.

The WinGateUpdate object provides a number of methods that you can use to check and perform updates from within script, including accessing historical information about updates performed on this installation of WinGate.

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WinGateUpdate object



CheckForUpdates(Boolean Perform)

This method allows you to have the WinGate Update system check for updates, and based on the Boolean Perform value, actually perform any updates it finds.


A script could contain:


This would cause the WinGate Update system to merely check for updates, but not perform them (since the Boolean Perform argument has been set to 0).


This method will cause the WinGate Update system to check for any updates and perform any updates available. This includes executing any updates that have previously been downloaded to WinGate but have not been installed already.


  • GetEntry(NumberIndex)

    • Error
    • ErrorCode
    • ProductName
    • StatusCode
    • UpdateDescription
    • UpdateName
    • UpdateTime
  • LastSize()

  • LastTranscript()

  • Size()

  • Transcript()

The WinGateUpdate.UpdateHistory method provides complete access to the history of all updates installed to the system. It works by referencing the update entry specified in the GetEntry parameter.


A script could contain:


This would provide access to the 14th entry in the Update history (e.g. The 14th update performed).

Subsequent methods are available to access information about that particular entry. These include the particular update/products name, description, and time the update was ran. If the particular update failed, the ErrorCode can be used to determine the possible cause.


A script could contain:


This would return the code issued by the WinGate Update system as to why this particular update (update number 14) would have failed.

The other sub-methods provided by the WinGateUpdate.UpdateHistory method (LastSize(),LastTranscript(), Size(), Transcript()) can be used to access details about the overall update history.


A script could contain:


This would return the entire number of updates currently in the update history (number index).

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