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Web Admin service

License restriction: The Web Admin service is only available when using a WinGate Enterprise license.

The Web Admin service allows you to access a web page based administration interface, so you can perform simple administration tasks in WinGate. Currently this is limited to setting an email auto responder for the logged in user, and simple users and groups tasks such as enabling and disabling users.

Service settings

Default value

Service Port


The service port can be changed as required, however you will have to use the new port number when accessing the Web Admin page.


The Web Admin service will automatically bind any interfaces that have their usage marked as Internal by WinGate.

Read more about Bindings

Registered events

No events are registered by the Web Admin service


The Web Admin service is installed and started by default, but can be stopped if required. It cannot be deleted.

Accessing the Web Admin page

Using a suitable user from the user database you have selected for WinGate, you are required to log in before being able to access the Web Admin page.

When appropriate, modules in WinGate will provide a tabbed page on the main Web Admin page, where you can perform some simple tasks particular to that module. These pages are provided according to the WinGate permissions that have been set in the respective WinGate modules, for the user who is accessing the Web Admin page.

This allows you to tailor the functionality provided by the Web Admin service depending on who logs in.

Read more about WinGate permissions

To access the Web Admin page:

  1. Open a Web browser.
  2. Navigate to the IP address that is bound to the Web Admin service in WinGate, on the service port the Web Admin service is listening on.

    e.g. HTTP://

    This will bring up the Authentication Required login dialog.

  3. Enter the credentials of an administrative user in the user database you have chosen for WinGate. This will then open the Web Admin page.

    Remember that each of the administrative tabs available on the Web Admin page are provided by a particular module. As such, the appearance of each tab will be dependent on the types of WinGate permissions granted for the logged in user, to that particular module.

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