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VPN connection permissions

When you create a VPN, you need to select a user(s) that will be responsible for joining remote Nodes to the hosted VPN. They will be selected from the user database that is in use by WinGate on the Master Node. When the VPN is created, the new Host VPN configuration in the VPN Panel will have a Permissions tab. This is where you can assign the Connect to this VPN permission to those users who are able to join this VPN on behalf of the VPN Client Node(s).

The choice and selection of users for this permission is important for remote VPN Nodes, since they will be required to provide these same credentials in their Join VPN configuration when they attempt to connect to the hosted VPN.


  1. The Connect to this VPN permission is the permission that needs to be used for this purpose. This permission is only available from within a Host VPN configuration.
  2. When a Master Node is set to use either the WinGate user database, or the Windows Users and Groups connector, the Connect to this VPN permission is automatically assigned by default to any member of the Administrators group (through the special Creator Owner user applied to all permission objects). For Master Nodes that use the Active Directory user database connector, this will be the equivalent domain admins group.

    This is done so that administrative users can be used join the VPN without requiring you to first assign this permission to somebody within the Host VPN configuration.

  3. The credentials for the user assigned this permission, must be specified in the Join VPN configuration on every VPN Client Node that wishes to join this particular hosted VPN.
  4. This permission is only required to allow the remote VPN Node to join the VPN. Once joined, access to VPN Participant resources/machines will be governed by Windows security and administration.

To assign the Connect to this VPN permission to a user:

  1. Open the WinGate Management console on the machine that will be hosting the VPN.
  2. Navigate to Monitoring > VPN.
  3. On the VPN Panel, right click the configuration representing the hosted VPN, and select Edit VPN from the menu. This will open the Host VPN properties.
  4. Select the Permissions tab.

  5. Click the Edit button to open the Search for User or Group dialog.
  6. Choose the user or group who will be given permission to connect to the VPN and click OK to open the Permissions properties.

  7. Select the Connect to this VPN permission and tick the check box in the Allow column.
  8. Click OK on the Permissions properties to return to the Permissions tab of the Host VPN properties.
  9. Click OK to confirm the changes you have made to the hosted VPN.

WinGate VPN Permissions

WinGate VPN also provides other types of permissions for the management of WinGate VPN itself, and any VPN configurations you create.

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