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Exporting a hosted VPN configuration

After creating a hosted VPN, you can export the details to a vpn file (.vpn) for distribution to all the remote Nodes who will be joining this VPN (using email or some other means). The file can then be easily imported back into the WinGate VPN installations on these remote Nodes, using the VPN Panel in their WinGate Management console.

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To export the VPN configuration:

  1. Open the WinGate Management console on the Master Node machine that will host the VPN.

  2. Navigate to Monitoring > VPN to open the VPN Panel.
  3. Select the hosted VPN that you want to export the configuration for, and select Export VPN Config from the Tasks menu. This will bring up the Set the Location for this VPN dialog.
  4. Enter the IP address or the DNS name of the Master Node, so client Nodes will know where to connect.
  5. Clicking OK you will be prompted to save the VPN configuration file (.VPN) to a suitable location.

This VPN configuration file can now be distributed to the remote VPN Client Nodes via email, disk etc. so they can use it to join the hosted VPN.

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