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VPN Panel

The VPN Panel, located at Monitoring > VPN in the WinGate Management console, allows you to view and manage the current VPNs that have been configured on this VPN Node. This includes remote VPNs that this Node can join (Remote networks) and VPNs that will be hosted by this Node (Locally-hosted networks) .

Joining a VPN (Remote networks)

You can configure a remotely hosted WinGate VPN that this Node should join from the VPN Panel. Usually you will require the connection details from the remotely hosted VPN to connect. Once created these remote VPN connections will appear as red monitor icons under the Remote networks section.

Hosted VPNs (Locally-hosted networks)

The VPN Panel also allows you to create a hosted VPN to which other remote VPN Nodes can join. You can create any number of hosted VPNs depending on your requirements. Each hosted VPN is its own virtual private network. Once created these will appear as a blue monitor icon under the Locally-hosted networks section.

VPN Activity

When you join a remote VPN, a blue monitor icon (representing the remote host) will appear in beside the relevant remote network icon once a connection has been established. Similarly, when a remote VPN Node connects to any VPNs you are hosting, they will appear as red monitors beside the appropriate blue hosted VPN icon.

In the example below two hosted VPNs have been configured on this WinGate VPN Node, one called HO Sales VPN and one called Head Office VPN. A remote VPN Node called Mobile Sales1 has joined to the HO Sales VPN, and a remote VPN Node called South Branch has connected to the Head Office VPN.

Connecting /Disconnecting

The VPN Panel allows a central place where you can connect to or disconnect from a VPN. When hosting a VPN you can disconnect VPN Client Nodes if required.

Routes tab

The Routes tab displays all the current routes that are known (have been discovered) by this VPN Node. This includes all routes learnt from other VPN Nodes during the course of VPN activity.

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