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WinGate objects

When components are installed and loaded in WinGate, they can provide relevant data to help you configure and manage their event processing. Similar to the programming concept of an object, each component can register objects with WinGate that have properties (data values) and functions (methods). Object properties can have their values checked or referenced by other components and scripts, while objects functions can be used to perform certain tasks if required (e.g. Cleaning the cache, or restarting WinGate etc.).

These registered objects can be either the components own instance of an object defined by WinGate, or their own specialized objects which provide data and functionality from their own module.

Accessing WinGate objects

You can access any available objects from either the WinGate event processing component configurations that allow it, or when using any WinGate script system (Such as the Run Lua script and Run Javascript script event processors). The objects themselves can be placed in an applicable configuration or script in two ways:

  1. Symbol browser

    WinGate allows you to access and use these registered objects from a simple selection tool called the Symbol Browser. The browser will list all the available objects (with their variables and methods) for you to insert either into a WinGate script system  or the configuration you accessed it from.

  2. Direct reference

    Alternatively, you can reference objects manually in scripts and configurations that can access component data. This is done by typing them into the configuration or script without having to open the Symbol Browser.


Registered objects (and their methods) will always provide either a certain type of value, or perform a certain type of processing when you access them.

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WinGate DOM

WinGate uses a simple document object model (DOM) to let you reference all registered objects. When you are accessing objects in WinGate, there are particular syntax rules that must be adhered to when referencing and using them. The syntax used will depend on where you are accessing them from.

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Types of data

  1. Event data

    When components register their events with the Events system, they make available any data they can provide about the event. For example the WWW Proxy Service will register an HTTP Session object, and a Request object. These two objects provide properties and methods to access information about HTTP Sessions (Which are created on the occurrence of a ProxyRequest event) and the nature of the request itself.

    WinGate event processors can access this event data and use it for their own processing purposes. You can configure them to check and evaluate the relevant data at the time the event takes place. This provides good administrative power by allowing you to have a policy or a script event processor evaluate the conditions surrounding the event, so it can provide the best possible outcome for WinGate each time it occurs.

  2. Component data

    Some WinGate components can provide data and functions related to their operations, which will always be available for access from any WinGate script or configuration that has access to the Symbol Browser.

    • Data

      The Data object (registered by the Data module) provides methods which can be used to access global data items such as lists, counters, strings, and data that is currently being monitored by WinGate.

    • Notifications

      The Notifications object (registered by the Notifications system) allows you to report incidents and manage the execution of notification events.

    • WinGate

      The WinGate Engine registers the WinGate object that provides methods for restarting and shutting down WinGate.

      License restriction: The WinGate object is only available when using a WinGate Enterprise license.
    • WinGateUpdate

      The WinGate Update object (registered by the WinGate Update system) provides methods to help you manage WinGate Updates.

      License restriction: The WinGateUpdate object is only available when using a WinGate Enterprise license.
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