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Active Directory Connector (user database)

License restriction: The Active Directory Connector is only available when using a WinGate Professional or WinGate Enterprise license.

WinGate allows you to utilize the users and groups in a Active Directory for the purpose of controlling access to the Internet and other WinGate operations. It does this by using its Active Directory connector module to make user and group queries to the user database for the Active Directory, so it can use the structure (users and group memberships) to control its services, and user access to the Internet.

WinGate does not play any role in the security or administration of the Active Directory. The WinGate Active Directory connector builds a copy of the user database through its queries purely for the implementation of policies and control of WinGate operations. All domain administration and security (such as user and group management) is still handled by the relevant domain controllers on the network.

Using the Active Directory user database in WinGate, you can set access and control to WinGate services based on individual users, or their membership of particular groups.

When users are required to be authenticated by WinGate, Windows users can supply their Windows credentials (user name and password) as WinGate provides NTLM authentication support.

User identification is also important to the operation of the WinGate Permissions system. The Permissions system allows you to assign access and control permissions on module user interfaces and features, on a user or group basis. This allows you to set what access and control users have when they log into the WinGate Management console.

The WinGate Policy system provides policy items that can be used to evaluate whether the user identified by the policy is a particular user or a member of a certain group. This is helpful when you wish to create policy outcomes that are based on particular users (or the groups they belong to).

This makes the Active Directory Connector in WinGate ideal when you want to deploy WinGate in an Active Directory and utilize the Active Directory user database for controlling user access to the Internet through WinGate.

How to select a user database

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