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Credential rules - Multi-user machines

License restriction: The multi-user machines credential rules feature is only available when using a WinGate Enterprise license.

WinGate allows you to create credential rules for multi-user machines (terminal servers) on the network, when you want to handle each users session individually through WinGate. This is similar to the multi-user machine feature previously available in WinGate 6.

When users connect to the Internet through WinGate from the terminal server, each user will show up as a separate session and will be forced to supply their own credentials (if required to authenticate by WinGate policy etc.).

To create a Multi-user machine credential rule:

  1. Open the WinGate Management console.
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Credential rules.
  3. In the Tasks menu select Add new rule. This will open the Credentials rule dialog.
  4. In the Apply this rule if drop down menu, select the criteria that the client machine must match for the rule to be implemented. This is either IP address, Computername, or Physical address (MAC) of the Terminal server.


    When entering a Physical address, enter it in space delimited format without hyphens or colon separators (e.g. xx xx xx xx xx xx ).

  5. Select the Don't allow credentials established by a session to be used by other sessions option. Selecting this setting will force all sessions from this machine to provide unique credentials if required by WinGate (e.g. Authentication of each individual user who is connecting to the Internet from the multi-user machine).
  6. Configure any other settings you require for the credential rule and click OK.

The new credential rule will be displayed in the Credential rules panel, and will be applied whenever users make connections from the terminal server matched in the rule.

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