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The new Data system in WinGate 7 provides data related services that you can use to monitor and control WinGate operations more effectively. It gives you the ability to create and manage global data items such as string values, counters, and lists, that you can configure other WinGate components to check or modify when required.

The Data system also allows you to monitor selected pieces of WinGate or Windows operating system data. Just like global data items, these monitored values can be checked and referenced by other WinGate components to assist in their operations. This means that modules can be configured to check against the current behavior of the monitored data, allowing you more accurate control and response to changes in operating conditions.

Global data items

You can create global data items such as lists, counters, and Boolean values, that can be referred to and modified by WinGate services and components. These global data items are centrally available for use by different WinGate modules (such as event processors and the Notifications system).

With global data items you can store values such as:

  • Lists of prohibited sites, allowed usernames, optimum values etc.
  • Predefined strings that can be used for titles, subject headings, and addresses in WinGate messages, logs, and automated emails.
  • Counters that can incremented or decremented when certain activity happens.
  • Boolean values that can be used to alter policy evaluation or WinGate behavior.

Monitoring data

You can monitor selected pieces of WinGate data, or have WinGate monitor any of the performance counters available with Windows operating systems. Just like global data items, monitored data values can be centrally accessed and referred to by WinGate services and components during their operations.

Threshold values (both upper and lower) can be set against monitored data, so that if they are reached, an incident is reported to the WinGate Notifications system in order to trigger an appropriate notification plan.

WinGate event processors, such as the Policy system, can check the monitored values to aid with policy evaluation or operational decisions at the time an event occurs. Monitoring data provides a powerful tool for controlling how WinGate will react to changes in either its own data, or the performance counter data in the operating system.

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