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WinGate VPN licensing

WinGate VPN licensing is based on the number of users/machines behind each WinGate VPN Node (LAN) who will be participating in the VPN. These are referred to as VPN Participants.

Licensing count requirements

  1. A license will be required for each VPN Node machine where the WinGate VPN software is installed. These are the VPN Node machines that will be either hosting or make the joining connection to a WinGate VPN.
  2. This license must also allow for machines on the LAN behind the VPN Node that will be participating in the VPN.

WinGate VPN provides 2 types of licenses:

  1. Gateway license

    The Gateway license is used where either the Master Node or VPN Client Nodes, have machines on their own LAN who wish to participate in the VPN. The Gateway license is available in various user quantities to cater for those machines who will be participating in the VPN.

  2. Single user license

    The single user license is for mobile users who merely want to connect to the office or other WinGate VPNs as required. The single user license allows for an installation of the WinGate VPN software and use from that machine, but does not allow for any extra VPN Participants.

In the example below the Mobile user (VPN Client Node) needs only a single user license.


WinGate VPN Licensing example


Since there are two VPN Participants and the VPN Client Node installation participating on the Office LAN, they require a 3 user Gateway license.

Since there are 4 VPN Participants and the VPN Host installation on the Company LAN participating in the VPN, then the Company LAN requires a 6 user Gateway license.


WinGate VPN Licenses are available in set sizes only.

Visit the WinGate VPN licensing site

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