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Routing in the WinGate VPN

Since WinGate VPN is a routing based network solution that extends your private network, routing is of central importance to correct and efficient VPN operation. VPN Participants must have the ability to reach the appropriate resources/machines on the remote Node.

A few simple rules when configuring the WinGate VPN will ensure that data knows where to go to reach the other end of the VPN.

  • VPN Nodes

    Each network participating in the VPN should be using an unique LAN IP address range to avoid route conflicts (as shown in the example below).

    • Mobile User -
    • Office LAN - to
    • Company LAN - to
    Example 1
  • Port forwarding for Hosted VPNs

    If a WinGate VPN Node sits behind a third party firewall and wants to host a VPN, then in coming traffic on the VPN ports (TCP/UDP) must be forwarded through the firewall to the WinGate VPN Node machine behind.

    Read more about port forwarding

  • Network Topology

    Since routing can be problematic in certain network topologies, several common scenarios have been provided to help ease the set up of correct routing for the WinGate VPN.

  1. Scenario 1. The WinGate VPN Node is not the default gateway for the network

  2. Scenario 2. The WinGate VPN Node is on a different subnet to VPN Participant machines on its network

  3. Scenario 3. The WinGate VPN Node is the only machine on its network connected to the Internet router

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