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Managing WinGate VPN

The management of each WinGate VPN you create has been designed to be as easy as possible. WinGate VPN provides two user interfaces to help administrate its operations:

  1. VPN Settings

    WinGate VPN provides the VPN Settings configuration so you can manage the overall options for how this VPN Node will handle routing, and what Data port it will use for VPN communications.

  2. VPN Panel

    The VPN Panel, located in the Monitoring section of the WinGate Management console, provides a central place to create and manage VPN configurations. From this panel you can connect and disconnect from other hosted WinGate VPNs, and view the current state of VPN activity as it happens. The VPN Panel also provides the Routes tab, so you can see exactly what routes this VPN Node has discovered during the course of VPN activity.

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