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WinGate VPN routing scenarios - The WinGate VPN Node is on a different subnet to VPN Participant machines on its network

This scenario is common when there are several different subnets on the network of a VPN Node, and there are VPN Participant machines located on these different subnets (as shown in the example below).

In this situation there must be a router or multi-homed machine that is capable of performing RIP broadcasts around the network.

Example 1

To have VPN Participant machines on the other subnet be able to send and receive information across the VPN:

  1. Open the WinGate Management console on the WinGate VPN Node machine.
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > VPN Settings. This will open the VPN Settings.

  3. In the RIPv2 section check the Send local RIP2 updates, Enable RIP2 Listener, and Publish learned routes on VPN check boxes.
  4. Click OK to close the VPN Settings.
  5. On the Multi homed machine (router) ensure both RIP Broadcasts and the RIP Listener are switched ON.

This will allow the WinGate VPN Node machine to listen for RIP broadcasts sent out by the multi-homed machine (Router) on the network, and learn the routes to other subnets where the VPN Participant is located. It will then publish these routes to other VPN Nodes in the VPN so that they can send and receive information from VPN Participants on these subnets.

This is explained in the How it works section below.

How it works :

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

Since the Router (multi-homed machine) on the Company LAN network also has a RIP Listener turned on, it can learn about routes broadcast by the VPN Node on its LAN, thus learning that the way to the Office LAN network is via the WinGate VPN Node on Subnet A.

As a result the VPN Node on the Office LAN can now access and communicate with the VPN Participant located on Subnet B of the Company LAN and vice versa.

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