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Scheduled Events

WinGate has been designed as an event driven application. This means that a large part of its functionality is built around responding to the various events that may happen during its operation. Since most events in WinGate can be highly irregular in their occurrence (i.e. they may or may not happen at any time) the Scheduled Events module in WinGate allows you to create a non descript event that will always take place at schedule that you define.

When you create a scheduled event, it is registered with the WinGate Event system and becomes available for the various event processing systems to respond to whenever it occurs. Although nothing visible actually happens when the scheduled event takes place, you can use the features and capabilities of any of the WinGate event processors to define how they will act when it does.

In the case of an event processor such as the Policy system, the newly created scheduled event is made available for you to base a policy on. Using the features of the Policy system, the policy can define the course of action WinGate will take when the non descript scheduled event happens. Alternatively, you could utilize any of the WinGate script event processors (Run Lua script, Javascript) to perform WinGate tasks on a scheduled basis when and as you require.

Similarly, you can use the Send Mail event processor to send regular emails according to the scheduled defined in the scheduled event.

Each scheduled event you create can be set to a simple schedule, such as once every few minutes, or to more complex occurrence patterns, such as at 8.00 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday every 3 weeks. This makes scheduled events ideal for when you need to utilize a WinGate event processing system in a regular and predetermined manner.

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