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WinGate Update

WinGate can provide regular updates for installed modules and components through its new WinGate Update system. By communicating with the WinGate Update service provider on the Internet, the WinGate Update system can be scheduled to check and perform updates on all the modules and components that are currently installed. This check can also include any optional products that are suitable for your WinGate installation (e.g. Plugins such as Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate and PureSight for WinGate (Content filtering).

Automatic updates

Updates for installed modules and components can be downloaded and installed automatically by the WinGate Update system. These automatic updates can be configured around a chosen schedule using the WinGate Scheduled Events system.

Manual updates

The WinGate Update system allows you to manually check and perform updates for installed components at any time.

WinGate Update panel

The WinGate Update panel, located in the Control Panel of the WinGate Management console, allows you to view, manage, download, and install updates from the one central location. It will display the most recent updates that are available, providing the purpose and details of each update so you can choose what updates you wish to download and install.

Script driven updates

When using a WinGate script system (such as the Lua or Javascript event processors) or a configuration that has access to the Symbol browser, you can use the WinGateUpdate object (published by the WinGate Update module) to check and perform updates as required. The WinGateUpdate object also provides several methods so you can access the full history of updates downloaded, and installed on this machine.

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