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Welcome, and thank you for installing WinGate.

WinGate has been created to provide network administrators with a feature rich, Internet connection sharing and network gateway management system. Built upon the proven history of our software, WinGate has been redesigned and improved with a whole host of new features, to help ease the burden of managing users Internet access.

From being the world's first Internet connection sharing proxy solution for MS Windows in 1995, WinGate has evolved with the Internet, to be a more intelligent and responsive network management application. WinGate centers its operations around event driven features, that can analyze and respond to events as they occur during its operations. Built from a large array of components, WinGate takes a new modular approach, allowing you to customize its functionality when managing your Internet Gateway.

Existing users

What's new for existing WinGate 7 customers? (Coming soon)

Migrating from WinGate 7 to WinGate 8

What's new for existing WinGate 6 customers?

Migrating from WinGate 6 to WinGate 7 and beyond


What is WinGate

Read about the sorts of things WinGate can be used for

Getting started

We provide a section of information you need to know for configuring WinGate after installation

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