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Port forwarding

When a WinGate VPN is being hosted on a machine that is located behind an Internet router that uses NAT (Network Address Translation) and a firewall, then remote VPN Client Nodes connecting to the Master Node must be able to reach it through this firewall.

This means that all incoming VPN traffic to the router firewall needs to be redirected to the WinGate Host VPN machine behind. This is done by configuring the router firewall to redirect all incoming VPN traffic that arrives on its Internet interface, to the address of the WinGate VPN Host server. This is commonly know as port forwarding.

Most routers will have a html based administration application that administrators can use to help configure the appropriate ports in the firewall. While the layout and details of these applications vary they essentially follow a common design.

Generally the router configuration will follow these similar steps:

  1. Choose the ports on the routers firewall that will be receiving the incoming VPN connection from the Internet (WinGate VPN uses ports 809 TCP and port 809 UDP by default.)
  2. Create a filter rule that any Internet connection received on these ports in the router Internet interface/firewall to be redirected to the appropriate machine (IP address)

Please refer to the router documentation for the specific method of Port forwarding/security for your router firewall.

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